Nick Parente
Animator // Illustrator // Photographer

Flight Fantastic

Chris Rutledge // Flamingosis


I played a small part in a big project Christopher Rutledge (aka Tokyo Megaplex) put on to promote Flamingosis’ album Flight Fantastic.
I was responsible for the concept, design and animation of the fifth track; “A Mile High”.

tracklist + contributors:
1. Ignition // Alicia (Andy) Tagliasacchi
2. Return of the Love Jones // Christopher Rutledge
3. Flight Fantastic (w/Birocratic) // Janice Chun
4. You were meant for me // Tom Goulet
5. A mile high // Nick Parente (Me!)
6. Cruise Control // David Holm
7. Can't seem to shake it // Joel Nixon 
8. Bob Saget gets new real estate (w/ The Kount) // Daniela Chrysafi + Danny Zhao
9. Two Steppin' into fantasy // Ryan Ines
10. Bruncha Nova (w/ Tokyo megaplex) // Tyler Naugle 
11. Tumbao // Mehr Chatterjee
12. Auowww!! // Grace Shin
13. Jet Skis & Hennessy // Amy Xu
14. Another Time // Jacqueline Lin
15. Last Stop // Na Yon Cho

Here is the loop on Flamingosis’ Youtube.




Initial Sketches

Sketch Collage.png


Scene Process

Character BTS