Nick Parente
Animator // Illustrator // Photographer
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Showreel 2019

Personal Work


A selection of my best work. Big thanks to everyone I have worked with in my first year of freelance, love ya'll! Cheers to the rest of 2019.

Music: Que Se Sepa - Roberto Roena
SFX from

For a full rundown and credits list, check the Vimeo description.


Intro/Outro Process

I honestly struggled quite a bit with what I wanted to do for the intro and outro of my reel, doing a simple titlecard just seems so not me. I like characters, and scenes, and packing way too much detail into everything. Ultimately I just asked myself “Hey Nick, if you could choose to animate anything right now what would it be?”, and the first thing that popped into my head was VROOM CAR CHASE, and the rest was history. The badass mammajamma in the drivers seat was actually inspired by Roberto Roena, the guy behind the song I used for my reel. So thanks to him for looking dope and inspiring the direction of the intro. Everything was illustrated in Procreate, and animated primarily in After Effects, with the smoke roughs being animated in Rough Animator.

Once I had the idea in my head, I started by doing some loose sketches to board out the scenes. Timelapse on the right.

Illustration Process

Everything was Illustrated in Procreate, primarily with the 6B Pencil brush. Here are some clean images of each scene, and a timelapse showing my process.


Detail Cutaways

Here’s some highlights on the deets. This little cliff jump is one of my favorite parts of the piece. The car jump was path animation in after effects, the dust cloud is rough animator.


The cig smoke was initially animated with paths in AE (with a little turb thrown on for good measure), and then drawn over/tweaked in Rough Animator on the ipad. Then I added a little texture to it in photoshop.

The two bad boys in the enemy car were all animated in after effects.

The vulture was path animation in after effects, kinda finagled the textures to work with the animation.